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Good Dogs for Good People :) Sussex, UK

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                  BohoBloo Shar Pei Family.

                  Breed Advocates ( we gladly help any pei owner in need ). 

                  Hobby Breeders ,

                  Certified Microchip Implanters




                              Health, Temperament and Type



Remember, your dog is a mirror of you, so don't forget your most powerful tool  your calm-assertive energy and balanced pack leadership !

Our aim is to help every shar pei owner in need, you welcome to call us anytime, and we do it for the love of the breed and specially to our peis. We sometimes  breed , only to improve this breed  and  to produce another member of our family.

We  will  gladly help you finding an healthy and balanced puppy.


                    Very Special thanks for the beautiful pics, to Adam , Nic and Lula Duckworth xx




                             Specializing in Health and Temperament.







                                                         This is Humphrey Duckworth and this beautiful pics were taken by his owner Adam xx


















          Our lovely Holly , and Roman, are  featured  on Tim Flach's international          book "Dogs Gods" 



                                       Wandering Paws


                 Looking for Dog Walking, Doggy Day Care ,

                 Exclusive Boarding, Pet sitting or House sitting? 


                                  Please contact :  Jon Southon                                                                                        

                              We seriously  recommend them.









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